Sea Jasper Palm Stone - (D)
Sea Jasper Palm Stone - (D)

Sea Jasper Palm Stone - (D)

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Welcome positivity and tranquility into your life!

Sea Jasper: This peaceful stone comes in so many different colors/patterns making each piece incredibly unique. Embrace its distinct attributes as a special addition to your cherished crystal collection.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Harmonizes Inner Peace: Sea Jasper encourages a profound sense of inner peace and tranquility, making it a great companion on your spiritual journey.
  • Radiates Positive Energy: Bask in Sea Jasper's uplifting energy, which is known to infuse your life with positivity and optimism.
  • Unleashes Creativity: Unlock your creative potential with Sea Jasper by your side, as it sparks inspiration and fuels your artistic endeavors.

 Key Geological Attributes: 

  • Mesmerizing Patterns: Sea Jasper is distinguished by its captivating patterns, resembling ocean waves, orbs, or landscapes. These patterns are a result of its unique formation, making each piece a one-of-a-kind work of art.
  • Mineral Composition: Comprised primarily of silica and chalcedony, Sea Jasper owes its captivating colors to various mineral inclusions, resulting in a stunning palette of greens, blues, pinks, and earthy tones.



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