lepidolite crystal star and moon carvings
Mini Lepidolite Stars and Moons

Mini Lepidolite Stars and Moons

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Origin: China

Chakra: Third Eye, Heart 


This healing crystal is known to help with stress relief and to calm our nerves when we’re feeling anxious. It is a comforting purple color and you can even see some glitter like sparkles which are caused by mica. Use this stone when you start to feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts or when you’re winding down after a stressful day. 


These crystal stars would be great for wire-wrapping to wear as jewelry or to include in other crystal DIY projects. It’s mini size is also perfect to carry around as a pocket stone.


This listing is for (1) Mini Lepidolite Star/Moon. This is a stock photo and you will receive one similar to ones shown in the photo.