Peach Moonstone Freeform - (C)
Peach Moonstone Freeform - (C)
Peach Moonstone Freeform - (C)
Peach Moonstone Freeform - (C)
Peach Moonstone Freeform - (C)

Peach Moonstone Freeform - (C)

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Illuminate your life with Peach Moonstone, a stone that radiates serenity and grace! 

Peach Moonstone: With its delicate and peachy hues, Peach Moonstone is a stone that embodies elegance and mystique. Discover its exceptional qualities as a precious addition to your cherished crystal collection.

Metaphysical Properties:

  1. Emotional Balance: Peach Moonstone is renowned for harmonizing emotions, fostering inner peace, and promoting emotional well-being.
  2. Intuition: Embrace the gentle guidance of Peach Moonstone, known for enhancing your intuitive abilities and nurturing your spiritual connection.
  3. Creativity: Ignite your creative spark with Peach Moonstone by your side, as it encourages artistic expression and imaginative thinking.

Key Geological Attributes:

  1. Adularescence: Peach Moonstone showcases a unique adularescent quality, which means it shimmers with a soft, ethereal glow as light dances across its surface.
  2. Mineral Composition: Composed mainly of orthoclase and albite feldspar, Peach Moonstone's subtle shades are a result of light interference and the interplay of these minerals.


~4.9in tall

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