✨Working on my Energy✨

black tourmaline bracelet and labradorite palm stone Each crystal in this set was chosen for those who are seeking to make big changes in their life and want the reassurance that they are protected on their path towards a better version of themselves.

Labradorite Palm Stone: This magical rock is often referred to as the “Stone of Transformation”. 🦋 Labradorite flashes beautiful colors when light enters. Blue and gold and common, and more rare colors include purple, pink, and red tones.  Use this mystical stone to raise your consciousness, heighten your intuition, and uncover personal revelations. 

Black Tourmaline Bracelet: A stone of protection. Black Tourmaline protects a person and space from negative energy and bad intentions. Use this stone to protect your peace if you interact and encounter many strangers or are letting new people into your personal space.