Confidence and Self-Esteem

crystals for confidence. tiger's eye, citrine, and rose quartz


Each crystal in this set was chosen for those who need a boost of confidence, drive, and motivation to really step out of their comfort zone to really go for what they want (side note: also great for anyone who has any Leo placements!) 

Citrine: The ultimate stone for manifestation! Use this stone to increase positivity and confidently work towards your goals. Citrine fills your life with abundance and success, whether it be money, relationships, or reaching your goals. 

Red Tiger’s Eye: Great for motivation, will power, and inspiration. It’s a stimulating stone that sparks creativity and passion so that you can replace procrastination and laziness. It activates the root chakra to ground you mentally and physically to help keep you relaxed during chaotic times. Overall, Red Tiger’s Eye is for those who wish to be more assertive and take action towards their aspirations. 

Rose Quartz: Known as the Universal Stone of Love. Love for your family, friends, community, Earth, and most importantly -- yourself. Use this stone to heal your heart of past traumas and release any tension that you hold in your heart. Rose quartz can also be used to humble yourself and promote forgiveness.