Girasol Tower - (C)
Girasol Tower - (C)

Girasol Tower - (C)

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Elevate your energy with this Girasol Crystal Tower, crafted from genuine Girasol quartz sourced from Madagascar. This unique crystal, characterized by its milky opalescent sheen, is not only a stunning addition to your space but also a potent tool for personal growth and healing.

Girasol Quartz: Girasol quartz, also known as Opalized Quartz, is a captivating variety of quartz known for its exceptional geological properties. It derives its name from the Italian word "girasole," meaning "turn toward the sun," which perfectly encapsulates its fascinating characteristic.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Gain clarity 
  • Enhance your true feelings
  • Set better boundaries 

Key Geological Attributes:

  • Opalescent Phenomenon: Girasol quartz displays a mesmerizing opalescent glow that seems to move like a soft orb beneath its surface when exposed to light. This phenomenon, caused by the diffraction of light within the microstructure of the crystal, adds to its allure.

  • Formation: Girasol quartz forms through a unique geological process where silica-rich water percolates through sedimentary rocks, depositing microscopic spheres of silica in the cavities of the rock. Over time, these spheres align, creating the opalescent effect that defines Girasol quartz. 


~3.38 inches 

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