Butterfly Pi Stone Pendant Necklace
butterfly pi stone pendant necklace
butterfly pi stone pendant necklace
butterfly pi stone pendant necklace
butterfly pi stone pendant necklace
green aventurine butterfly pi stone pendant necklace
rose quartz butterfly pi stone pendant necklace
butterfly pi stone pendant necklace

Butterfly Pi Stone Pendant Necklace

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Butterfly Pi Stone Pendant Necklace 

Pi Stone pendant paired with a butterfly charm  🦋

Comes in Rose Quartz/Green Aventurine and Gold/Silver

Sometimes referred to as “donut stones” Pi Stone pendants have many different meanings, one of them being the ouroboros. A symbol that shows a serpent (or dragon) 🐍 swallowing its own tail, representing the unity of all things and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth 🔁

Green Aventurine: A comforting stone used to attract good luck and prosperity. Aligns with the heart chakra and can be used to bring love into your life as well as resolve deep emotional issues. Use this stone for personal growth and have a deeper understanding of your place in the universe.

Rose Quartz: Known as the Universal Stone of Love. Love for your family, friends, community, Earth, and most importantly -- yourself. Use this stone to heal your heart of past traumas and release any tension that you hold in your heart. Rose quartz can also be used to humble yourself and promote forgiveness.

Length: 18 inches 

Pi Stone Size: 30mm

Material: 16k gold plated over brass chain. Rhodium plated over brass chain (for silver version). Gold/while gold plated butterfly charm, natural green aventurine pi stone pendant

Jewelry Care: Keep jewelry dry and away from moisture. Remove before swimming, bathing, and vigorous high activity movement. Avoid getting perfumes, lotions, excessive sweat, ocean water, and chlorine on your jewelry.

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