phosphosiderite crystal heart
Phosphosiderite Heart (R)
Phosphosiderite Heart (R)

Phosphosiderite Heart (R)

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Origin: Chile

Chakra: Third Eye, Heart 

A stone of peace and tranquility. Phosphosiderite can be useful in stressful situations to help calm anxious feelings and bring about peace with yourself. It has a lilac color that comes off as daydream-y and soothing. This stone can be used to aid in spiritual growth and building a connection with your spirit guides. Your spirit guides help you to reach your greatest potential on Earth. The name comes from its chemical makeup of phosphorus and the Greek word “sideros” meaning iron. 

This listing is for (1) Phosphosiderite heart. 

**DISCLAIMER** Due to the nature of this stone small natural nicks, chips, and unevenness will be present. Please keep this in mind before checking out.