Live Sale Information

What is a live sale?

I host Live Sales through my instagram page @badwitchcrystals a few times a month where I will show crystals available for sale. Majority of my stock is sold through these sales.

When are your live sales? 

There is no set schedule for live sales. They are hosted a few times a month. Please follow my Instagram page and subscribe to my email list in order to stay up to date with Live Sale Announcements. 

How do I purchase items through a live sale? 

Sales are scheduled in advance and are announced on my Instagram, so make sure to follow me to stay in the loop!

When on my page simply tap on my profile picture and it will take you to my live stream. You will know I am live when my profile picture says "LIVE" at the bottom. During the live sale if you see something you would like to purchase type into the comment box a claiming word such as "MINE" or "SOLD" along with the item price and letter. (Example: SOLD 28F) Whoever comes up first on my screen will get to purchase the item.

Instagram can be tricky sometimes and lag or block comments. Often times multiple people will try to purchase the same item so please keep in mind that you will always appear first on your screen. However, I go based off of what I see on my screen. 

TIP: when watching the live stream be close to your WiFi router in order get the best connection and when you want to claim an item try using a lot of emojis to help your comment pop up and not get blocked!

I claimed items from your live sale. Where do I checkout my items?

Thank you for shopping my sale! Now that you've claimed some items I have to type up everyone's individual listings and post them to this website. When your listings are ready you will receive a DM with the direct link that will take you to the "Live Sale Listings" page. If you are a private account please message me first so that I am able to contact you. Please allow 1-2 days for all the listings to be posted. When you get to page look for the listing with your username. (Example: @badwitchcrystals)

Add that listing to your cart, pay, and then you're all set!

Checking out/purchasing someone else's box will result in automatic blocking for future sales. 

Exclusions: International orders and payment plans. These types of transactions will be checked out through PayPal. 

I can't make the live sale, can I message you to purchase items? 

I do not do private sales. All items I have available outside of the live sale will be posted to this website. 

Can I switch or put back items that I claimed during the live sale? 

I kindly ask that you do not remove or swap any items that you have claimed during the live sale. I have this rule because it can be very unfair to someone who may have wanted that specific item and missed out. Please be 100% positive that you want something before claiming it. Once you place your bid for the item you are taking responsibility to purchase the item. Please be responsible and considerate.