Dainty Baguette Cut Gemstone Rings
Dainty Baguette Cut Gemstone Rings
Dainty Baguette Cut Gemstone Rings
Dainty Baguette Cut Gemstone Rings
Dainty Baguette Cut Gemstone Rings

Dainty Baguette Cut Gemstone Rings

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Dainty Rings

Amethyst (purple): Arguably one of the most popular crystals and for a good reason! Amethyst emits an energy of tranquility This crystal is powerful because it protects against negative energy and provides relief for many different negative emotions such as grief, stress, anxiety, anger, mood swings, etc. You can also use amethyst to strengthen your intuition and spiritual awareness. A great stone for deep meditation and enhancing the mind. People often turn to this stone to overcome addiction or overindulgence.

Garnet (red): Garnet: Such an alluring, beautiful, and deep red color. A stone of passion, creativity, and strength. It’s also a great stone for self-confidence and starting new business ventures!

Peridot (green): Peridot: A stone of positive power. Encourages love, generosity, and abundance in our careers.

Iolite (blue): Sharpen your intuition and insight with iolite. This stone is said to enhance visions, dreams, and your intellect. 

Size: 5-10 (US)

Material: 925 sterling silver 

Jewelry Care: Keep jewelry dry and away from moisture. Remove before swimming, bathing, and vigorous high activity movement. Avoid getting perfumes, lotions, excessive sweat, ocean water, and chlorine on your jewelry. 

Store sterling silver in its own airtight bag to keep from tarnishing. If tarnish begins to occur it is recommended to use a jewelry polishing cloth. 

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